The commitment of the Sisters of Bon Secours is the foundation on which we were built.

Bon Secours Richmond Health System Annual Report

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Appreciate the History

In 1824, in Paris, amidst the devastation following the French Revolution, a group of 12 women came together to form the congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, French for "Good Help."  The Sisters' purpose was to nurse the sick and dying in their homes.

Bon Secours in America 

In 1881, the Sisters of Bon Secours arrived in the United States where they continued their work of visiting the poor, the sick and the dying in their homes. Over time, they built a multi-state network of hospitals, long-term care facilities and healthcare services. All preserved the Bon Secours Catholic tradition of providing quality care, especially to the poor and the sick.

Bon Secours in Richmond 

In 1966, Bon Secours expanded its mission to provide good help to those in need with the opening of St. Mary's Hospital. In 1995, Richmond Community Hospital joined the Bon Secours Health System, and in 1998, Memorial Regional Medical Center began serving in the Hanover community. Bon Secours further expanded in 2005, adding its 4th hospital in the Greater Richmond area, when St. Francis Medical Center opened. Today the Catholic healthcare system is one of the area’s largest employers, nationally recognized by AARP and Working Mother magazine. In addition to the four hospitals, Bon Secours Richmond includes a college of nursing, a school of medical imaging, and two family practice residency programs. True to the Sisters’ original mission of a comprehensive healing ministry. Bon Secours Richmond is active in community outreach health programs and services.

The Mission of Bon Secours

The Mission of the Bon Secours Health System is to bring compassion to healthcare and to be good help to those in need, especially those who are poor and dying. As a system of caregivers we commit ourselves to help bring people and communities to health and wholeness as part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

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