cosmetic & reconstructive surgery

We perform reconstructive surgery for patients of all ages. We understand that reconstructive surgery can transform a woman’s life -- both physically and emotionally. So, we approach every patient with sensitivity and skill. If you choose Bon Secours for your surgery, know that we’ll work closely with you and your family to meet your needs.

Reconstruction surgery can reduce – or eliminate – the anxiety and loss of identity that comes with trauma or skin cancer.  We also offer reconstructive surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis. Our surgeons have extensive experience with breast health and cancer. They’ll help you determine your wisest choice, whether it’s a mastectomy with reconstruction (single or bilateral) or reconstruction later. Also, we are one of the few area hospitals using alloderm, a new skin material that augments breast tissue.

We offer cosmetic surgery for women who want to change their appearance. Our procedures include face-lifts, rhinoplasties, and Botox injections. Our surgeons are skilled in many minimally invasive techniques that reduce pain, recovery, and hospital stay. We can tailor a surgical plan to satisfy to your goals and background.

We understand that reconstructive surgery decisions can cause anxiety. So, as you weigh them, keep in mind that you can turn to our counselors and nurses for answers, support, and compassionate care.

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