Employee Assistance Program

Bon Secours Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides in-house counseling and referrals to a network of community resources, such as the nonprofit Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC), which helps many people with financial issues. And quarterly, EAP sponsors CCC programs such as the "Does your Budget Make Sense" seminar.

EAP proactively offers educational programs and provides a host of links on its Intranet. When you log on to the Intranet, you can select EAP from the menu on the right-hand side. Being proactive by accessing these resources can help you to avoid getting into a very difficult situation.

What EAP Offers

• Confidential, on-site help for employees and their immediate families.

• Assistance with personal and job-related problems including depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, substance abuse, job stress, parenting, eldercare, financial, marital and relationship difficulties.

• Counseling for maintaining work/life balance.

• Help with traumatic, stressful life events such as divorce, death of a relative or friend and abuse situations.

• Individualized short-term counseling.

• Referrals to community resources for additional support, counseling and treatment.

• Access to mental health benefits (in and out of network).

• 24/7 on-call support at (804) 342-1501.

When can I use EAP?

You can use EAP anytime you or your family members have a personal or job problem.

How much will it cost?

Short-term and referral services through EAP are at no charge. Many mental health referrals will be covered by the insured's medical benefit plan. Community resources are available for the uninsured. You are responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance policy.

Other EAP services:

• Develop and monitor community resources and providers in the community.

• Respond to critical/traumatic incidents in the workplace.

• Sponsor brown bag seminars and other educational programs.

• Alcohol and drug training for employees and supervisors.

• Supervisory management training and consultation.

• A library of self-help books, videotapes and pamphlets is available for employees.

For appointments:

Memorial Regional Medical Center: (804) 764-6527

Richmond Community Hospital: (804) 225-7360

St. Francis Medical Center: (804) 594-7566

St. Mary's Hospital: (804) 281-8510

Windsor: (804) 627-5131

For emergencies, call 24 hours a day: (804) 342-1501