The Woman's Center services

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Obstetrics, the only hospital based nurse-midwifery service south of the river.
  • Gynecology, including adolescent care and yearly exams
  • Referrals for mammography, osteoporosis screening and other diagnostic tests
  • Pre-conception care
  • Complete prenatal & postnatal care, including high-risk pregnancy
  • Bladder health and continence
  • Menopausal medicine and hormone replacement therapy

GYN surgical services include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopic procedures
  • Endometrial ablation
  • High-risk obstetrics
  • Urogynecologic procedures
    • Pelvic organ prolapse
    • Urinary stress incontinence and urodynamics
  • Pelvic organs prolapse
  • Stress incontinence and urodynamics
  • Gynecology, including adolescent care and yearly exams

Midwifery Care – A Holistic Approach
Today, more women are choosing midwifery care. That’s why The Woman’s Center offers the option of a certified nurse-midwife.

Midwife means "with woman," and for centuries the word "midwife" has described the person who was "with women" In childbirth. Our certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses with a master's degree and post master's training and are board certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. They work with our physicians in collaboration, consultation and referrals as needed. Drs. Miller and Marquardt are the supervising provider for the midwives.

Although midwives are probably best known for their support of women during labor and delivery, modern midwifery has expanded that role. Midwives today provide health care for women throughout their lifetimes, from first pelvic exams to pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

You'll appreciate the holistic approach that our certified nurse-midwives bring to health care, and their keen understanding of women’s unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


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