complementary & alternative medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can do a lot to make patients feel better. So, Bon Secours Virginia now uses these methods in addition to the best and most innovative tools and techniques offered by modern medicine.

CAM relies on treatments often considered outside conventional American medical practice. Complementary medicine is used with traditional strategies; alternative medicine instead of them. CAM can improve health and well-being, relieve symptoms, and reduce side effects from standard care.

the women’s surgical unit at St. Mary’s Hospital

We want to care for you in a way that soothes your mind, body, and spirit. We call this “Complete Health". This holistic approach can speed healing, produce better outcomes, and increase satisfaction and comfort. We welcome your questions about our offerings. We also are eager to support you and your family as you consider therapeutic options.

Our physicians may recommend these services:

  • Therapeutic music. Your room has a Soothing Sounds machine that plays relaxing sounds. Calming music and environmental sounds can aid relaxation and let you tune into your body in new ways. You also are welcome to use your CDs, iPods, or MP3 players.
  • Aromatherapy. This involves using essential oils from plants, flowers, trees, and herbs. For example, peppermint oil often helps decrease pain. Research suggests smell triggers a strong emotional response.
  • Guided imagery. We offer CDs that allow you to use your imagination in healing. CD narrators guide you through various exercises.
  • Support groups and pastoral care. We encourage you to get support from spiritual counselors and patients in similar circumstances.
  • Closed-captioned cable television and Internet. We provide the means for you to build a Care Page, or a private web page so you connect easily with friends and family.

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