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Bon Secours is the first choice delivery center for central Virginia women.
Voted Richmond's favorite place to have a baby by Style Weekly readers for 12 years in a row!

At Bon Secours, we know that few events are as exciting in the life of a family as the birth of a child. Parents in central Virginia have been choosing Bon Secours for birth for over four decades, and for good reason.

In conjunction with Parenting Partners all over the city, our Love and Learn with Bon Secours prenatal, birthing and parenting program offers more than 50 terrific classes and support groups. Pre- and post-birth yoga and massage, baby proofing, nursery design, labor and delivery education including Lamaze, Confident Childbirth, and HypnoBirthing, Moms Get Fit! and more.

With three Bon Secours hospital birthing centers, we have what you want for your birth experience. All our hospitals have family-friendly options, from a full range of low and high risk doctors to nurse-midwives, hydrotherapy in labor, and complete education support before and after birth. Whether you choose St. Mary's Hospital, Memorial Regional Medical Center or St. Francis Medical Center, you will find all the support you need to have a wonderful experience.

Our region-leading nurse staffing ratios give our nurses the time to help you achieve the birth and parenting experience you want. And, in the few cases when technology is needed, our hospitals both have the latest in just-in-case high-risk care, including neonatal intensive care (NICU), neonatology, our Virginia-first and maternal-fetal medicine (perinatology).

Whether you want a private, warm celebration or need the most sophisticated technology, we are committed to meeting your needs. At Bon Secours, that's what we call Complete Health. Come meet us, and see why thousands of Richmond-area parents have chosen Bon Secours to help celebrate the excitement of a new life!

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  • Bon Secours offers a wide range of classes from prenatal to parenting classes.

  • Planning a pregnancy? Visit our Health Library for great information.


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