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Bon Secours Virginia provides complete breast cancer care – diagnosis, treatment, reconstruction and follow-up. You and your family can rest easy knowing your health is our highest priority.

Breast cancer is a common and, fortunately, increasingly treatable, condition. Yet, it also can be frightening. That’s why we treat every patient with compassion and respect. It’s also why we provide educational material and connections to support groups.

Cancer detection and treatment has improved greatly in recent years. So, cancers are being caught earlier. Survival rates have risen. Our advanced diagnostic facilities can detect cancer early, often up to 5 years before symptoms arise. We also encourage self-exams, starting at a young age. Plus, we suggest getting a baseline mammogram at age 35. This is followed by yearly tests beginning at age 40. We urge patients to get regular mammograms, if their mothers had breast cancer. These tests should begin when the patient is 10 years younger than her mother was when she was diagnosed with the disease.

If mammography reveals an abnormality, a patient may go immediately to the imaging department for an ultrasound. If this reveals an issue, a physician will order a biopsy. This provides sample tissue for a precise diagnosis. We pay special attention to patient comfort and support during testing.

Some women have a high genetic risk for breast cancer. This group includes individuals who have two or more close family members with a history of breast cancer. High-risk patients may receive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) annually.  Certain medications also can reduce risk. Women with a newly diagnosed cancer usually receive a MRI.

Cancer treatment options now are refined, too. These may include a combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. In most cases, patients may opt for a mastectomy, a mastectomy with reconstruction, or lumpectomy. Lymph nodes may be removed, depending on individual situations. Our surgeons work with patients to create treatment plans with the best possible outcomes. If reconstruction is desired, our plastic surgeons explain all options and answer question from patients and their families. Reconstruction can begin directly after a mastectomy. 

Besides treatments, we provide genetic testing and counseling for patients who have a family history of breast cancer or who wish to learn more about their background.  Please feel free to call us for information.

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We provide all aspects of breast cancer care, from diagnosis and treatment to reconstruction and follow-up.

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