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Bon Secours Virginia’s thoracic surgeons have the ability and experience to help you with chest and throat diseases. We offer comprehensive care for these conditions. We know that a cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down. So, we strive for successful treatment in a compassionate, sensitive environment. We also pride ourselves on providing tailored care to women and their families.

Our doctors routinely deal with pneumonia, emphysema, esophageal disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chest wall tumors and cysts, lung tumors.  One of our specialties-- and the disease we treat most often --  is lung cancer.  This is the leading cause of death for women and men in the United State and worldwide. Unfortunately, lung cancer is not decreasing as quickly as we’d like. We want to change that. 

While non-cancerous lung tumors occur equally in men and women, lung cancer is more prevalent in females.  Smoking is the largest risk factor for lung cancer. Studies show that women are more sensitive to nicotine’s carcinogenic traits. Yet, smokers are not the only ones who develop lung cancer. It’s rising among non-smokers, most of whom are women. Exposure to chemicals such as radon also may increase lung cancer risks.

Our surgical offerings vary. They include open traditional surgery and minimally invasive treatments that rely on tiny “keyhole” incisions rather than a large one.  Minimally invasive therapies can reduce pain, complication and infection rates, and hospital stay. For a cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy or radiation may be recommended either before or after surgery. 

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