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A woman’s journey in life is exciting, challenging, and full of surprises.  Bon Secours Virginia’s goal is to support and guide you along the way.  We want you to discuss health care options openly with your gynecologist and to make choices that suit you. Our physicians, certified nurse-midwives, nurses, physician assistants, and office staff understand women’s needs and always are ready to listen and help.

Menopause signals a profound change in your life. We want to ease this transition for you and be a source of reliable information and support. Many changes that occur can be treated with little or no adverse effects.We offer seminars and support groups where information, discussion and support are readily available. 

Topics addressed include:

  • How to manage post-menopausal physical symptoms;
  • Bone health and bone scanning;
  • Heart health;
  • Incontinence;
  • Sexual dysfunction and loss of libido; and
  • Hormone-replacement therapy.

Screening also is a crucial part of your health care plan. Depending on your experiences and family history, your physician may suggest increased screening for conditions, like cancer, uterine fibroids, pelvic floor disorders, and osteoporosis.

Cancer screening typically focuses on cervical, uterine, and ovarian malignancies. If an abnormality is found, our world-class gynecologic oncology specialists will ensure your needs are met. Located on an all-women’s floor, the Women’s Surgical Unit will welcome you and your family members into a warm and caring environment. Our surgeons often treat highly complex cases and always operate in teams. They are skilled in many cancer-oriented procedures, including advanced laparoscopic surgery. Supplementary radiation and/or chemotherapy -- systemic or intraperitoneal -- are often prescribed before or after these procedures.

Osteoporosis is the progressive weakening of bone density. It is common with aging and raises the risk for fractures. Screening for this condition is a critical part of post-menopausal health. We offer several screening options and can work with you to determine the best treatment plan, too.

Fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) growths that affect about 25 percent of pre-menopausal women. The growths may reveal no symptoms and go unnoticed for years. Or, they may cause heavy menstrual bleeding, cramping, and pain, and require treatment. We offer several options, including uterine fibroid embolization, a minimally invasive technique that stops blood flow to the fibroid without open surgery.

Our staff always is available to you. Please call on us for advice or information.
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