Women's Specialty Center at St. Mary's Hospital

A Sanctuary of Care for You

This center is the only one of its kind in Richmond. It is a completely private center dedicated to healing and wholeness. Each private room is beautifully appointed and decorated in soothing tones to provide comfort, peace and tranquility. Complementary therapies, aromatherapy, therapeutic music, and guided imagery are available to enhance treatment and recovery. The dedicated team of professionals in the Women’s Specialty Center is proud to deliver compassionate health care with supreme attention to detail.

When do you need a Gynecologic Oncology Specialist?

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer of the female reproductive organs, you can choose to be treated by a combination of general surgeons, physicians and oncologists. Or you can choose Commonwealth Gynecologic Oncology at St. Mary’s Hospital, where the physicians are board certified in gynecology and oncology. It’s this rare combination that allows them to oversee the surgical and medical needs of patients diagnosed with cancers of the reproductive organs, including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva. For surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures are employed. 

For more information on Commonwealth, call 804-299-8900. You may also download our brochure here.


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