pediatric radiology

A Pediatric Radiologist is a physician who is an expert in the diagnosis of illnesses, injuries, and diseases in infants, children, and adolescents using imaging techniques and equipment. Our Pediatric Radiologists make sure that tests are performed properly and safely, interpret the results of the tests so the right diagnosis is made and provide that information to your child's physician.

Our Pediatric Radiologists use many imaging tests to diagnose illnesses and injuries, including:
CT scan
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Nuclear Imaging

At Bon Secours, we know that children with serious illnesses or injuries can be in pain and frightened. Our Pediatric Radiologists and Technologists create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere by providing compassionate and gentle care to our patients. At Bon Secours, we treat your child like one of our own.

For a list of Bon Secours pediatric subspecialists click here.

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