one call transfer center

The most immediate care and efficient service are important in any medical situation.

To better serve you and our community, Bon Secours understands these needs and has developed a system that provides ease and access with just one call. The user-friendly One Call Transfer Center streamlines the process of urgent and same-day transfers from health care facilities across Virginia and surrounding states to Bon Secours hospitals in Richmond and Hampton Roads.

With one phone number, 1-800-806-2236, you are connected to a transfer center representative who does the work for you. Our representatives will arrange a physician-to-physician consult to discuss the condition of the patient prior to acceptance and will coordinate the most appropriate transportation, whether by ground or helicopter service.

benefit of use

  • Alleviates administrative burden from physicians and hospital staff

  • Increases awareness and control on transferred patients

  • Provides better communication between providers

  • Access to complete and accurate documentation

  • Improves accountability and internal coordination

  • Better serves referring physicians and hospitals

  • Eliminates concerns about multiple calls

good sharing

transport checklist

Please have the following information available prior to transfer:

  • Patient's demographic information
  • Clinical reason for transfer
  • Current IV Infusions
  • Weight
  • Isolation precautions
  • Need for special equipment like a ventilator or balloon pump
  • Level of care/transport required (BLS, ALS/critical care/ground or helicopter transport)

forms checklist

  • Transfer consent from patient or family
  • Complete EMTALA transfer forms
  • Statement of Medical Necessity for Medicare patients signed by the attending physician
  • Copy of patient chart
  • Copies of pertinent diagnostic studies related to transfer
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