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Bon Secours Diabetes Treatment Center, often referred to as DTC, opened in 1997 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Richmond as part of an initiative to provide comprehensive, high quality, education and hospital services to the growing number of Richmond area residents affected by diabetes.

The program began with one site and three clinicians and has expanded to include five locations and more than 15 clinicians.  We offer education at all Bon Secours Richmond hospital sites - Memorial Regional Medical Center, Richmond Community Hospital, St. Francis Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital.  We also provide education at off-site locations such as Colonial Heights to serve communities that otherwise may not have access to diabetes education.

DTC provides two services - outpatient diabetes self-management education and inpatient glycemic management.

  • The outpatient program has upheld its American Diabetes Association Recognition for diabetes education since 1999.  This “Recognition” signifies that our program promotes quality education for patients with diabetes, follows an evidence-based set of guidelines and requirements, stays current with innovations and discoveries in diabetes treatment, and provides ongoing follow-up to patients who participate in the program.
  • The inpatient program involves collaboration and partnership amongst physicians and clinicians to best meet the needs of our patients with diabetes.  Our services are designed to improve outcomes and safety for our patients. 

Over 400 physicians refer their patients to DTC, recognizing it as a leader in diabetes care and education.  Since the program’s inception, DTC has helped tens of thousands of patients learn about their diabetes and gain better control to prevent complications. 

Bon Secours DTC places tremendous importance on serving our community by participating in events such as: occupational and corporate health fairs; American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walks; senior education programs; and media interviews on NBC, National Public Radio and Comcast television. 

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