levels of hospice care

Hospice care is divided into three levels:

  • Routine
    Patients receive routine care at home. That means that care can occur at a private dwelling or at adult homes, group homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Hospice care team members visit patients wherever they live to provide information, hands-on assistance and comfort. They also train and advise primary caregivers on the best ways to help their loved ones.

  • Respite
    Respite care gives primary caregivers a break from their daily tasks. Respite care is delivered in a hospital where patients can stay for up to five days. Both the facility’s staff and our hospice team will ensure that patients receive the correct attention and medical treatment.

  • General Inpatient
    Patients enter a hospital when they cannot be cared for properly in other settings. They stay on a short-term basis, leaving only after their symptoms are under control.  In a medical facility, the hospital staff and hospice team are actively engaged in aiding the patient. General inpatient care for hospice patients is monitored closely by Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance providers to minimize hospital stays. The hospice team decides when to discharge a patient based on his/her symptoms and how they are managed.

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