Your elbow works constantly. You use it all the time for everything from throwing a ball to painting a porch or lifting a bag of groceries. In fact, your elbow is so vital that when it’s injured life can become challenging -- if not impossible. Fortunately, Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute offers a wide range of surgical options to deal with injuries of this important joint.

Located at mid-arm where three bones meet, the elbow can break, sprain and experience the ravages of arthritis and overuse. Symptoms vary with each specific situation. Yet, generally speaking, your elbow may need medical attention, if:

•    It hurts intensely.

•    You have reduced range of motion or stiffness.

•    Bruising or swelling occur near it.

Physicians often do not choose surgery as the first way to deal with elbow problems. Typical initial options include rest and medication. However, if a condition persists, surgery may be the most appropriate course.

Our surgeons carefully choose the procedure best-suited to any given medical situation. In some elbow cases, the optimal solution is arthroscopic surgery. This is a minimally invasive technique, requiring only several small incisions. Through them, a doctor inserts a tiny camera and works with small instruments. Arthroscopic surgery often results in less pain and quicker recoveries than open incision procedures.

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