Quick Start

On the WebESA login window, type your user ID and password in the appropriate fields and then click Login.

Search Criteria Window
The Search Criteria window appears after you type your ID and password and select login. For later searches during your WebESA session, you can access this window by selecting Search from the toolbar.

  1. In the Report Status section, select the appropriate report status and click Search.
  2. Note: You must use the mouse to select settings on the Search Criteria window.
  3. From the document list, select the appropriate document by clicking any of the date fields related to that document.

Installing the RTF Viewer
If this is the first time you are using WebESA, after you click a data field to select a document, the window at right appears, indicating that you must install the RTF viewer.

Using the Document Viewer
If you select Next, WebESA proceeds to the next document on the list without you signing the current document. WebESA automatically advances to the next unsigned document.


P: When I log on to WEB ESA to sign patient documents, I select the patient, but all I get is a box with a red X in it.
A: When you log on to the application you are prompted to download the viewer; saying no gives you the red X

P: If I did not download the viewer and I get the red X in the box, how do I reverse this error?
A: Make sure Internet Explorer is at least version 6.0; go to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and delete "WebRTFProj.WebRTF;" restart IE and go back to WebESA. Make sure if you are asked to download/install something, you say YES!

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