Net Access

Quick Start

You must select a specific Bon Secours facility to search for data. To obtain data from another facility, you must select that facility from the menu options. The name of the facility will appear at the top of the screen.

To return to a previous menu, you should select a menu option on the left of the screen. You should not use the Back option on your browser's tool bar.

You are automatically logged out of Net Access after 10 minutes of inactivity.

If text is highlighted on the screen there is additional information behind it.

Once you have selected a patient or result to be viewed, the highlight of the selection changes to let you know the data has already been viewed.

An icon next to a numeric result indicates text behind it. Click on the icon to view the text.

For More information on using Net access, go to the tutorial on drsweb.


P: All my patients are not showing up on my inpatient census list.
A: Nursing adds a physician to the patient's record when an order is written for a consult. If the consult is to a practice and not an individual physician, nursing may need to be reminded to add the specific physician, or, physician's have the functionality in their pathway to add themselves as consult.

P: Patients for some of the physicians in my group are not showing up in our group census.
A: The Medical Staff Office staff adds group designations to the computer's physician master and also adds all physicians in the group to the appropriate group profile. Call the MSO of the appropriate facility to update these important databases.

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