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Adolescents can avoid many health difficulties with good lifestyle choices. We can help you choose wisely when it comes to eating right and exercising. Weight, diet, and exercise can directly affect conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and obesity.  Obesity is a serious issue. And, it's not just about weight. Obesity raises the risks for conditions, like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Making sound decisions now can help you avoid or manage these problems.

Bon Secours Virginia offers wellness, fitness and nutrition programs that allow you to get fit and stay that way.

Our Good Life Center has programs that achieve good health via a holistic, broad approach to wellness. Our physicians, dietitians, exercise therapists, and lifestyle coaches can help you learn about -- and make -- healthy choices. We assist with setting goals and creating a plan tailored to you. We also provide support so you can meet your goals and stay healthy with ongoing care.

For more information on our offerings, please call 804-359-WELL.

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Many of the most common health challenges can be avoided when adolescents make the right lifestyle choices like eating right and getting enough exercise.

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