Financial Services

Our Money Place

our money placeOur Money Place Financial Services offers services to help residents become more financially aware, begin building assets and create stronger financial futures for their families. 

Participants learn about the financial tools and resources that are available to them. They build the skills they need to  navigate the sometimes confusing world of finance. They learn how to become economically self-sufficient by saving for big purchases like a car or house – instead of using credit – and about planning for retirement.

Our Money Place Financial Services provides free and/or low cost services, including:

  • Financial planning, coaching and counseling
  • Federal and State tax preparation 
  • Credit and debt counseling 
  • Budget preparation and management 
  • Public benefits screening through “EarnBenefits”
  • Small Business services

The program services are available to residents of all income levels.

For more information about Our Money Place, call 410-801-5100 or email

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