Community Partnership Supports Free Vision Care

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Vision Care

Servants for Sight has been providing the underserved Greenville community access to eye care for 10 years. Bon Secours is a proud community partner of Servants for Sight with our satellite office at Triune Mercy Center. Every other Tuesday, onsite volunteers provide free vision screenings for those in need.

Rhonda Lindsay, a social worker on the Bon Secours community health outreach team, has been involved with this vision clinic for two of the five years she has worked at Bon Secours.

“It’s really amazing when you see people who may have never had an eye exam before,” says Rhonda. “One patient, who had trouble just walking across the street for his initial appointment, came back after he got his glasses. He was happy, amazed and thankful. Anyone we can help is a blessing.”

The Servants for Sight vision clinic sees around 14 patients a day, with most patients being adults. The clinic provides vision screenings and eye condition detection. From there, patients are referred to partnering physician offices for a follow-up eye exam, glasses, treatment, or surgery depending on the need.

“Word-of-mouth is how most of our patients hear about the program,” reveals Rhonda. “We also receive referrals from family medical services and other organizations in the community.”

Dr. Darrell Jervey, a retired ophthalmologist, has been providing free clinic work for over 35 years and volunteers almost every week. He comes to Triune Mercy Center with his wife, who often brings pastries and other breakfast items.

“I have a service that is needed, and I enjoy every bit of volunteering my time,” says Dr. Jervey. “While I’m on two feet, I’ll continue to do this.”

Jennie Beaudine, executive director of Servants for Sight, is very pleased with the evolution of the organization.

“Our program has grown to include local eye practices, but Dr. Jervey is the most consistent of all participating physicians,” says Jennie. “Since 2013, he has seen just under 2000 people. His commitment to people and his love for people is really impressive.”

This program impacts the patients in important ways. It allows patients the ability to read, to get and keep a job, and to take care of people they love as well as themselves.

At Bon Secours, we are committed to advancing the overall well-being of our community. Learn more about the history of our ministry.

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