Request a Corporate Sponsorship

Investing in our community provides us with the opportunity to strengthen our relationships among community members – neighbors, businesses, our employees, and those organizations who enable us to expand our mission of providing “Good Help.” Our sponsorship efforts work to provide community benefit by assisting organizations that support healthier communities, healthcare initiatives, Catholic identity and community transformation. In addition, we build relationships with organizations with missions that complement these focus areas. By combining our resources with strong, enduring relationships, we are able to maximize our support of the community.

Our Guiding Principles

To have the greatest impact, we focus our efforts on:

  • Building Healthy Communities: Event and community benefit support of organizations partnering with Bon Secours Mission Department in the delivery of critical programs and services for the community.
  • Healthcare: Support organizations providing healthcare-related education, research and direct services to the community.
  • Catholic Identity: Support of Catholic-related organizations on behalf of their work in the local community.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Support of initiatives that embrace the unique gifts, traditions, and perspectives of all individuals in accordance with the mission and values of Bon Secours.
  • Community Transformation/Ecological & Green: Support of community organizations focused on transformative issues impacting the quality of life and holistic health in our service area.  Support of internal/external ecological and green initiatives that address and improve community health.

Funding Restrictions

Priority will be given to programs/events aligning with Bon Secours’ guiding principles. Please be advised Bon Secours does not support the following:

  • Political, labor, or fraternal organizations.
  • Travel-related events, including student trips or tours.
  • Individual fundraising or fellowship assistance.
  • Activities where a significant portion of the funding leaves the immediate community.
  • Organizations who fail to provide a follow-up report for previous support provided by Bon Secours.

Funding Request Process

  • Each sponsorship request must be submitted via and must have an Internal Champion, who agrees to represent the requesting/external organization.
  • The Internal Champion must complete the Internal Champion Responsibilities form and submit it to the Sponsorship Executive Committee Chairperson, who is the Director of Advocacy and Community Affairs.
  • A current W9 for the requesting organization must be included with application and the application form is complete.
  • All sponsorship funding requests will be evaluated using the Guiding Principles/Funding Considerations and Funding Restrictions outlined above.
  • All sponsorship requests must be reviewed by the Sponsorship Executive Committee, which currently meets the third Wednesday of the month.
  • The Executive Committee Sponsorship Chairperson will notify the Internal Champion and external organization of the Executive Committee’s decision in writing. 
  • Processing of payments will be handled by the Chairperson after Internal Champion receives the invoice.


Requests will be not considered by the Committee if:

  • Received less than two weeks prior to the meeting. It will be considered the next meeting.
  • All forms are not complete.
  • Or if marketing deadline is within 1 month of request.  Only applies if marketing material is needed.

For more information, please email Mrs. Walker Smith.