Patient Information

Whether you have trusted us with your healthcare for years or you are considering Milestone as a new patient, the physicians and staff of Milestone Family Medicine want you to know that we view every patient interaction as an opportunity to further our relationship with you. We understand that there is a direct correlation between the relationships we share with our patients and the health care we are able to provide.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

In order to further develop our relationship, Milestone Family Medicine believes in the concept of a Patient-Centered Medical Home to help offer you the best care. Our medical home will provide comprehensive primary care through all stages of life with a team of people who will care for your every medical need and navigate you through confusing health care issues. Our focus is centered on you, the patient. Come see the physicians at Milestone and let us better understand your healthcare together.

Watch this video to learn more about our Patient-Centered Medical Home.


Patient Privacy and Ethics

We offer our patients a sincere commitment to maintain a strict level of privacy. We will not disclose any patient information without a signed prior consent from our patient. To ensure that patients as well as staff members are aware and comply with these HIPAA regulations, we ask that each new patient reviews and signs a form stating that they have been informed of these guidelines


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