Clinical Transformation

Bon Secours is responding to the changing landscape of health care through Clinical Transformation. Our vision is to create an integrated delivery of care that achieves extraordinary, individual outcomes at the best value possible thus ensuring sustainability and preserving our ministry of Good Help to Those in Need.®

What is clinical transformation?

Clinical Transformation is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to redesign care delivery to achieve excellence throughout the care continuum. It measurably improves quality, creates holistic, patient and resident-centered care experiences, and reduces health care costs by reducing waste, variation and duplication. The Center for Clinical Excellence is the framework that brings about this redesign through effective alignment of people, process and technology.

Why is BSHSI focused on clinical transformation?

Clinical Transformation enables us to provide our patients and residents with evidenced-based, extraordinary care and world-class service. It enables us as providers to partner with our patients, residents, families and physicians in innovative ways through the use of technology and by creating leaders of care across the continuum.

A key tool in Clinical Transformation is Bon Secours ConnectCare. All of the Clinical Transformation work is supported and enhanced by the ConnectCare process to drive evidence-based practice and make it easier for clinicians to do the right things at the bedside.

Our collaborative focus on Clinical Transformation ensures that we can deliver on our promise of good help™ by inspiring change and creating innovation for our future.