In keeping with the mission of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, Inc., the Continuing Medical Education Program is dedicated to provide practicing physicians with an array of educational opportunities that will contribute to physician involvement, incorporate adult learning principles into our education curriculum, and departmental collaboration with performance improvement and case management leading to outcome-based education, while promoting the appropriate implementation of medical advances to those in need.

Target Audience

CME activities are primarily designed and presented to serve the professional and educational needs of physicians who are credentialed to practice medicine at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, Inc. as well as other members of the healthcare team and hospital administration.


Continuing Medical Education activities will emphasize the development of skills and knowledge in medical advances in clinical practice, medical research, medical technology, clinical pathways, outcomes management, quality of care, managed care, and other relevant topics to maintain competence in current and future delivery.

Types of Activities

Activities are designed to promote professional performance, competency, and improved patient outcome. Activities must meet the criteria established by the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education and other standards established by the South Carolina Medical Association on Continuing Medical Education Performance improvement presentations are made by lectures, panels, workshops, small group discussions, courses, symposia, case review, hands-on exercises, enduring materials, print and electronic media. Also, the Healthstream Computerized Learning Center further supports self-directed learning by providing opportunities for electronic modules available at the learner’s desktop.

Expected Outcomes

As a result of participating in CME activities, it is expected that participants will report on post-activity evaluations that learning objectives have been met and/or that the learner intends to make a change in practice, increased knowledge or competence and/or patient outcomes will be affected. In addition to post-activity evaluations, a comprehensive evaluation of the CME program as a whole will be conducted annually to guide on-going improvements in the CME program  Activity evaluation summaries are made available to presenters to help them improve their educational skills. Finally, CME activities are reported to the Medical Executive Committee. An annual summary report is submitted to executive leadership, the Quality Board, and the Board of Directors.