Geriatric Care

Bon Secours Geriatric Care provides geriatric consultations to those over age 65 with:

  • Dementia, delirium, or cognitive changes (wandering, hallucinations, etc.)
  • Issues affecting independence (falls, daily self-care activities, debility
  • Medical needs complicated by geriatric issues
  • Use of multiple prescription medications
  • Emotional status concerns such as depression or anxiety
  • Failure to thrive, cachexia, malnutrition, loss of body weight
  • Agitated or aggressive behavior
  • Family caregiver concerns
  • Issues of competence
  • Frequent hospitalizations or noncompliance with medications
  • Advance directive concerns or questions about the aging patient
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Length of hospital stay more than seven days
  • Fracture evaluation for metabolic recommendations and workup
  • Transitions of care

Geriatric consultations are available to inpatients at St. Francis Downtown and St. Francis Eastside.


Patients and their families consult with a geriatrician, a physician who has received additional training in conditions specific to aging. Geriatricians are experts in geriatric assessment and rehabilitation, preventive medicine, management of patients in long-term care settings, and psycho-social, ethical, legal, and economic issues relevant to geriatric patients. The geriatrician collaborates with the patient's primary care physician.

Specialized Care for the Elderly

Because of their special training, geriatricians typically provide care for frail older people who have the most complicated medical and social problems. For healthier patients, the geriatrician  can help maintain the best possible health. Just like a cardiologist manages the health of a patient’s heart along with the primary care physician, a geriatrician addresses conditions specific to elderly patients in conjunction with the primary care physician.


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