Prenatal Classes

We recommend attending classes during your second trimester.

Birth to Ten Days

A pediatrician will discuss the care that your newborn will receive through the first 10 days of life. We recommend that you take this class following the Great Expectations Orientation class.


Education and support are key to breastfeeding success! Learn more from our certified Lactation Consultants about breast function, nutrition, positioning, latch-on, feeding patterns, and breast vs. bottle-feeding. Spouses are encouraged to attend, as there is also a discussion on partner support during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Begin your breastfeeding journey early by joining us for a breastfeeding support group. Class is for both expecting moms and for moms who have delivered. During this time, moms can share their wisdom, exchange information and experiences, and discuss concerns that they may have. Group is led by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who will lead open discussions on topics such as preparing for your breastfeeding journey, the first few weeks, challenges of breastfeeding, going back to work, weaning, and much more!

Caring for Your Baby

Learn the basics of baby care! This class offers new parents instruction and demonstrations about bathing, feeding, swaddling and diapering, and discusses how baby communicates and sleeps, how to determine signs of illness and when to call a physician, and the needs and adjustments of your growing family.

Childbirth Low Intervention Series

Four class series for those considering labor without medication. Enjoy more time with instructor, a small class environment, and more time to practice breathing, positioning and relaxation methods.

Childbirth Preparation

A three hour course, designed for expectant moms and their labor partners, covers basic information about signs and stages of labor, comfort measures and medical interventions. We recommend that you also register for "Comfort Measures for Managing Labor" class.

Comfort Measures for Managing Labor

In this class you will practice various positions, movements, breathing patterns, relaxation techniques and specific massages that will provide comfort during labor. Course also discusses how activity, relaxation and massage during labor can distract  from the discomfort that labor involves. This class should be taken in addition to the three-hour Childbirth Preparation course.

Great Expectations Walking Tour

The Great Expectations class includes a walking tour of the Labor and Delivery area at St. Francis Eastside, and will provide the necessary information to prepare you for the birth of your baby at St. Francis. All expectant parents will need to register and attend the Great Expectations class in their second trimester. Partners are encouraged to attend.

Heartsaver CPR

This American Heart Association class covers the basics of CPR. including lessons on how to recognize the symptoms of choking, heart attack, and stroke, and instruction on choking relief techniques, emergency resuscitation and rescue breathing for infants, children and adults.

Introducing your Newborn to Your Pet

If your family already includes a pet, you will need to help that first “baby” adjust to the new one you will soon bring home. You can help your pet cope with this big change in much the same way parents help children understand that a new brother or sister will be joining the family.

Meet the Doula

During class you will meet our St. Francis Doulas and learn more about the services that they provide. A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional, and informational support during the postpartum period.

Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning, via the Creighton Model, is a natural and modern scientific method of family planning that is 99.6% effective. This introductory session is offered by Allied Health professionals who received their certification by the American Academy of Fertility Care, and you will have the opportunity, if desired, to register for individual counseling sessions after this introduction.

New Family Celebration

An event designed for all new families to welcome baby's arrival! Enjoy a special time with older siblings to celebrate the birth of their new baby brother or sister. Congratulations cake and big brother/big sister t-shirts provided. This event is held the day after delivery in the Mother and Infant Suite. Cost is $30. Talk to your nurse to schedule your celebration!

Sibling Preparation Class

This special experience is for 3 to 8 year old children (along with their parents) who are about to become Big Brother or Big Sister for the first time. Through stories, video, and activities, the children prepare for baby’s arrival by learning the differences, abilities, and needs of infants. A 4x6 picture of your child is needed for class activity.