Facts of Life for Mothers and Daughters

A class designed for girl's 9-11 and their mothers or other female support person. This course concentrates on physical, internal and emotional changes, during puberty, in a relaxed atmosphere. The information is presented on the girl's level of understanding and is helpful in opening the door of communication for mom and daughter. During the class, girls will: * Learn about body development during puberty * Hair and Skin care * Weight Gain and Nutrition * Fitness and Rest * Emotions During the class, mom will learn: * The emotional changes associated with puberty * Deal with challenges during this time of change This is an exciting time in your life when your daughter is becoming a woman!

Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter is an instructional program that meets only one day. Safe Sitter is designed for 11 to 13 year olds. Please note that your child must be 11 years old to register. Safe Sitter covers information on how to handle emergencies-major and minor. Students listen, practice, and role play to learn about a variety of topics, including: safety precautions, rescue breathing techniques, recognizing emergencies, and calling for emergency help. Safe Sitter also covers the child care basics: how to feed and diaper an infant, what behaviors to expect with each age group.