Your Hospital Stay

Arriving at the Hospital

When you arrive at St. Francis Eastside, reserved parking spaces for laboring mothers can be found near Entrance C. Enter the hospital in Entrance C, take the elevators to the 4th floor, and check in at the desk. If you have pre-registered for your hospital stay, you will only need to provide your name, due date, and current insurance card at the desk.

What to Expect in Labor and Delivery

When you arrive in your room, you will change into a hospital gown and your nurse will check your pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing rate. She will ask about your due date, when your contractions started and how far apart they are, whether your water's broken, and if you've had any vaginal bleeding. She'll also want to know if your baby's been moving, if you've recently had anything to eat or drink. Please remember that you cannot eat or drink anything while in labor.

Your nurse will ask you what your plans are for pain management. Whatever pain management method you choose, your nurses will support your decision and let you know what to expect as labor progresses. If you have worked with your doctor on a Birth Preference Plan, please share it with your nurse at this time.

What to Expect After Delivery

After delivery, you will recover in your Labor and Delivery suite for about an hour. Then, you and your baby will be transferred to the Mother & Infant Unit, where your baby will stay with you in your room throughout the entire hospital stay.

The Mother & Infant nurses are part nurses, part educators who will help support you every step of the way during your first few days as a new family. They will assist with breastfeeding, let you know how to care for yourself once you return home, and answer the many questions you're sure to have about your new baby.

Pain management is a priority on the Mother & Infant Unit. Your physician will prescribe pain medication that is safe for breastfeeding mothers. These medications are usually prescribed "as needed" instead of on a schedule, so please let your nurse know when you need medication.

Breastfeeding Support

After you have given birth, your Mother & Infant Unit nurses will assist you with breastfeeding. They will assist you through the first feedings, give you tips on techniques and provide support and encouragement. Should you run into difficulty breastfeeding, Certified Lactation Specialists are available upon request and can give you additional instruction and breastfeeding support.

Pediatrician Visits

The pediatrician that you have chosen will be notified of your new baby after delivery. He or she will visit the two of you in the hospital to examine your baby, perform some newborn screening tests, and answer questions that you may have. If you have chosen for your son to have a circumcision, the pediatrician will usually perform it at the hospital. Most pediatricians recommend seeing the baby again at their office in one week, and this appointment will be set up before you leave the hospital.