Official Birth Documents

Birth Certificate

St. Francis provides a keepsake birth certificate for all babies. This is not the official state birth certificate. In the hospital, you will be given paperwork to complete for the state birth certificate. You can complete this paperwork at home and mail it in, or you can apply for your baby's state birth certificate online at the SCDHEC website.

If you apply for the state birth certificate within one year of your baby's birth and there is an error on the birth certificate, we will make the correction for you at no cost. Call 864-675-4212 for assistance.

Social Security Card

While in the hospital you will be given paperwork to apply for your baby's Social Security Number. Your nurse will collect this paperwork before you are discharged and you will receive a Social Security card in the mail within several weeks. 


Remember to add your baby to your health insurance policy. Most insurance companies require notification within 30 days of birth.

Paternity Documentation

If you are unmarried, the hospital will provide forms from the South Carolina Department of Social Services for you to establish paternity for your baby.