Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis therapy at Bon Secours St. Francis Therapy Center guides the patient with help for making everyday tasks easier while living with arthritis.  Arthritis therapy includes focus on range of motion and strengthening/joint preservation, heat therapy and custom splinting. 

Osteoarthritis is caused by overuse, an old injury, or wear and tear on a joint.  Arthritis may cause pain, swelling, joint stiffness and lack of functional use for daily tasks.  It can be present in many joints throughout the body including hips, knees, shoulders, wrist, hands, and in the spine.

How can therapy help?

  • Education in a proper exercise program to maintain and increase range of motion and strength; promote good postural alignment.
  • Pain management techniques such as use of heat, activity modification, and joint protection guidelines.
  • Advice concerning use of pre-fabricated or custom splinting/wraps to provide support and relief of pain.
  • Use of adaptive ergonomically designed equipment to decrease stress on affected joints.
  • Group exercise classes, including aquatics are often very beneficial.

Therapy is provided by physical and occupational therapists.  Stimulated work tasks and functional activities are also incorporated into the treatment program. 

For additional information or to schedule an appointment at any of our locations, contact central scheduling at 864-255-1726 or 400-3665.