For most of us, surgery is a last resort. But sometimes surgery is the right thing to do. Thousands of people have surgery at St. Francis facilities each year. By providing the latest technology and equipment to our surgeons, they can then provide the highest quality care to our patients.  

We begin by using a range of technologies  to help your physician properly diagnose your condition. We ensure our surgical facilities are designed and equipped to accommodate complex, multi-dimensional procedures as well as the most commonly performed surgeries. Throughout, our caring, highly trained staff focuses on three things: supporting surgeons during surgery, supporting families during the wait, and supporting patients both before and after their operations.

Robotic Surgery

St. Francis was the first hospital in Greenville to offer the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgery system. This technology allows for smaller scars and shorter hospital stays and is currently used for hysterectomy surgery, prostate surgery, and more.

Surgical Procedures

St. Francis performs hundreds of different kinds of surgeries, from those not even requiring a stitch to close, to complex, life-saving procedures. View a few of our most common procedures below:

Your Surgery Guide

If you're scheduled to have surgery at a Bon Secours St. Francis facility, find out what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

Award Winning Care

When patients come first, awards tend to follow. Here are our latest achievements in surgery:

  • Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, Healthgrades
  • Gold Seal of Approval, The Joint Commission
  • Hospital Safety Score “A+” Designation, The Leapfrog Group
  • General Surgery Excellence Award, Healthgrades
  • America’s 100 Best General Surgery, Healthgrades
  • MBSAQIP Accredited Center for Bariatric Surgery (St. Francis Eastside)
  • Five-Star for Colorectal Surgeries, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Esophageal-Stomach Surgeries, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Small Intestine Surgeries, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Treatment of Bowel Obstruction, Healthgrades
  • Gastrointestinal Care Excellence Award, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Cranial Neurosurgery, HealthgradesAmerica’s 100 Best Joint Replacement, Healthgrades
  • America’s 100 Best Orthopedic Surgery, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Hip Fracture Treatment, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Total Hip Replacement, Healthgrades
  • Five-Star for Total Knee Replacement, Healthgrades
  • Joint Replacement Excellence Award, Healthgrades
  • Orthopedic Surgery Excellence Award, Healthgrades
  • Center of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery, AAGL