Myth Busting: The Truth About Vaccinations

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Getting Vaccine

Vaccinations are one of the most important ways to protect yourself, your family, and your community from serious illnesses. Unfortunately, inaccurate information about vaccinations can cause worry. These myths lead to people avoiding vaccines for themselves and their loved ones. As a result, many preventable diseases have made a comeback in recent years.

If you have concerns about safety, read on and learn the truth about vaccinations.

Vaccines don't make you sick

A common myth about vaccines is that they make you sick or give you the disease they're meant to prevent. This isn't true and, in many cases, isn't even possible. Many vaccines are a killed form of the virus. You may experience mild symptoms that look like the disease, but this isn't harmful. In fact, it's a sign the vaccine is doing its job.

Vaccines are safe and effective

Toxins are another common area of concern. Some people worry about ingredients like mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. However, shots only have very small amounts of these substances. In fact, you encounter these toxins more in your daily environment than you do in a vaccine.

Additionally, vaccines go through a lot of testing for safety and effectiveness. The government approves vaccines before doctors can give them to patients.

Diseases can make a comeback

Vaccines have almost entirely erased some diseases from the United States. Even though they're not common, these illnesses can still come back. When immunity rates drop, there's a greater chance of preventable diseases starting to spread quickly. This has most notably and recently happened with measles.

Infant immune systems can handle vaccines

Babies seem fragile because they're so small. However, they have powerful immune systems. And with combination vaccines, babies get multiple vaccines in a single dose. This boosts their protection and lowers the number of shots they need.

Vaccinations protect those around you

Vaccines not only protect you and your loved ones, they protect the community around you too. Some people, such as the elderly and people with certain medical conditions, are unable to get vaccinated and are at risk for getting certain diseases. However, if everyone around these individuals are vaccinated, their chances of getting the disease become much smaller, and everyone’s health is better protected.

Worrying about the safety of vaccinations is understandable. Our doctors are happy to help ease your anxiety and provide additional information. Schedule an appointment with a Bon Secours physician in your area today.

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