Volunteer at Mary Immaculate Hospital

At Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital, we expect that all of our applicants should be sincerely committed to helping others, dependable and able to work independently because of the very demanding nature of healthcare. 

In order to apply for an adult volunteer position, you must be at least 18 years of age and out of high school. If you are under the age of 18 and interested in volunteering, you may be eligible for our Junior Volunteer Program.

How do I apply?

In order to become a member of the Bon Secours Mary Immaculate volunteer program, you must complete the following process:

Submit an Application
Please complete all required fields in the online application.

Attend an Interview
Prospective volunteers must interview with the Volunteer Department. Once you have submitted your application, the Volunteer Department will review your application and contact you for the next steps.   

Are there any other requirements?

If you are selected as a volunteer at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate, there are some requirements you must meet before you can begin actively volunteering. Volunteers must:

In order to be eligible for the adult volunteer program, you must be at least 18 years of age. Those interested in joining the Junior Volunteer Progam must be aged 14-17.

Complete a Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Center for Disease Control require new healthcare volunteers to have two (2) PPD tests, one before orientation and the second within two weeks. The PPD tests are administered by the hospital and are free of charge for all volunteers. You many also have this test done by your PCP; however, you will need to bring a copy of proof to our Employee Occupational Health office.  Details and instructions will be given after acceptance into the program.

Submit to a Criminal Background Check
Before a prospective volunteer can be accepted into the volunteer program, they must first agree to and pass a criminal background check. Once the Volunteer Department receives a clearance or denial, they will notify the applicant.

Complete Orientation
Orientation is required before beginning to volunteer. Hospital Orientation is not mandatory for volunteers, as you will have a condensed, yet complete orientation with the Volunteer Department. Once you are accepted and placed in a volunteer position, please complete the online orientation and quiz.

Make a Time Commitment
All active volunteers are asked to serve at least four hours per week. 

Purchase a Uniform Shirt
Uniforms shirts are required to identify volunteers from other hospital personnel and to foster a professional image. Volunteers are required to purchase and maintain their own uniforms. Uniform prices for adults range from $18-$26.  

Accept a Position/Placement
Volunteer positions are based on the needs of the hospital. Volunteer requests made by the department and the day/time the volunteer is available are also major factors in determining assignments. It is only fair to give a new assignment a trial period before determining it is not suitable. The same holds true for the staff with which the volunteer works. If after a suitable length of time has passed, and the volunteer, department supervisor or the Volunteer Department decides another area might be better, a reassignment can be made.

Mentorship programs

We do not offer mentorship in the Volunteer Department

Shadowing programs

We do not offer shadowing in the Volunteer Department.

Court appointed community service

Mary Immaculate Hospital does not provide court appointed community service hours.


If you are interested in the Junior Volunteer Program, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.


Gwendolyn Appleton
Volunteer Coordinator