How You Can Help



Volunteering at KIDZ‘NGRIEF
To become a facilitator with KIDZ'NGRIEF, applicants must complete a 30 hour training to learn the necessary skills to receive activity ideas and to receive support from seasoned facilitators. These training sessions are held annually. Criminal record background checks are mandatory.

Volunteers can attend sessions as "general helpers" after an interview with the director and a criminal background check. They will be not responsible for planning activities, but will be there to help the facilitators and befriend the children.

Volunteering at Mikey's Camp
Volunteers can serve as Big Buddies at Mikey's Camp. There is a 4-hr training 1 week prior to camp each fall. Big Buddies are each assigned a single camper to befriend for the weekend. Big Buddies do every activity with their little buddy.

If you would like to volunteer for KIDZ'NGRIEF please call Beth Pile, at 757-737-2287 for more information.


Kidz'N Grief and Mikey's Camp cost approximately $20,000 annually, but are free to all participants. Campers may make a $25 donation if they are able.

We are always seeking grants, private donations, corporate and business sponsors.

Some of our recent sponsors are: The College of William and Mary, York County Volunteer Association, Ferguson Enterprises, Bon Secours grants and other private donations.

To Make a Donation
Please call 757-889-5900 or send checks made to "The Mary Immaculate Foundation/KIDZ'NGRIEF" to: 

Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Foundation
P.O. Box 15581
Newport News, VA 23608