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Good health starts with prevention. Bon Secours Primary Care physicians are your partners in achieving optimal health.

Primary Care is Important

  • One point of contact for care. When you have a primary care physician, you have a “medical home.” This means you have one place to go for your health needs, whether you have the flu, an infection, or just don’t feel like yourself. 
  • Your Primary Care provider knows your health history. Because you see the same Primary Care provider year after year, he or she knows what is normal for you, and can identify symptoms of chronic diseases early.
  • Preventive care. Your Primary Care provider can perform or order health screenings and tests to identify any potential issues before they cause symptoms.
  • Manage chronic health problems. If you have an ongoing health issue like diabetes or high blood pressure, your Primary Care provider can be your partner in managing those conditions. 
  • Your Primary Care provider can coordinate screenings and specialist referrals. He or she can keep on top of what screenings you should be having, and provide referrals to specialists if needed.