Sports Medicine

Don’t live with pain. Thrive In Motion.

If every day starts or ends with pain in your joints, Bon Secours Othopedics can provide relief. Bon Secours treats patients with orthopedic injuries and disorders, from individuals with arthritis and sports injuries to those who need surgery for total replacement or trauma. We provide a comprehensive and compassionate approach that includes prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Nationwide, bone and joint conditions have become the leading cause of disability. At Bon Secours Orthopedics, we help patients regain their strength and mobility through nonsurgical treatments when possible, that include physical therapy and pain management. Bon Secours In Motion offers exceptional physical therapy, including speech and occupational therapy, sports rehab, performance enhancements, fitness regimens, weight loss programs and more.

If surgical services are necessary, patients can be confident in our board-certified physicians, surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and pain experts. Our team of experts handle a wide range of orthopedic situations, while recognizing the importance of attentive, compassionate care. We tailor every treatment plan to the unique needs of the individuals who come to us for help, allowing them to regain pain-free stability and mobility.

You don’t have to live with pain. Talk to your doctor today about why Bon Secours is your first choice for orthopedic care.