Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Despite the best preventative exercises and conditioning, even expert athletes can get hurt. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a college athlete, increased levels of activity can mean that athletic and sports injuries have become more common. 

The Bon Secours Sports Medicine program offers a full continuum of care that includes:

Board Certified Sports Medicine Specialists
Experienced in the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of sports and overuse injuries, Bon Secours' certified sports performance specialists offer a comprehensive treatment program.   Care is coordinated with the most up-to-date equipment available for diagnosing and treating patients.

Expert Orthopaedic Surgeons
Our nationally respected orthopaedic surgeons have reputations quality care and innovation. The Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute staff is among the best in the region for surgical as well as non-surgical care with expertise in athletic injury prevention and treatment. They also offer an advanced spine care program and access to the largest pain management center in Hampton Roads.

State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation
Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy is Hampton Roads leading provider of general physical therapy and sports rehabilitation.  We offer innovative physical therapy at more than a dozen locations across our community. The region's most respected physical therapy team offers guaranteed appointments within 48 hours, one-on-one sessions with board certified therapists, and holistic treatment options. 

Conditioning, Training, Nutrition, and More
Our team at Bon Secours In Motion Sports Performance brings together certified physical therapists, dietitians, and athletic trainers. They work with both professional and amateur athletes to ensure optimal health and performance. From injury prevention to aerobic endurance testing, every analysis conducted by the trained clinicians uses the best technology available to boost your performance.

Complete Sports Medicine Care for Athletes of All Levels
Our Primary Care Sports Medicine specialists work with athletes of all competition levels -- from student athletes to elite competitors, from amateur athletes who need help recovering from an injury to those who are ready to get off the couch and run their first 5K.  Our team has the expertise to help you get back in the game.

Each patient who comes to the Bon Secours Sports Medicine program receives an individualized treatment plan designed to help decrease their pain, strengthen their body, and restore their movement. From older athletes suffering from recurring overuse injuries to high school players recovering from arthroscopic ACL surgery, most of our patients are able to get off the sidelines and return to the activities they love in record time.