Women's Services

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OLBH Women's Center 

The staff at the OLBH Women's Center is dedicated to female health. The center, located on the ground floor of Bellefonte Centre (1000 Ashland Drive on the hospital campus) in Russell, Kentucky, offers 3D mammography, ABUS (whole breast ultrasound), pap tests, surgical consultations, minimally invasive breast biopsy, DEXA-scan to screen for osteoporosis, genetic testing, clinical breast exams, a women's library, and a retail boutique.

Women who discover a lump in the breast are encouraged to call a physician immediately to request a physician order for a mammogram. With a physician order, ladies who have found a lump can be seen at the OLBH Women’s Center on the same day. If you do not have a physician, call the OLBH Women’s Center and request an appointment with the OLBH nurse navigator, for a breast exam, testing, and physician referral.

Screening mammograms do not require a physician order. If your most recent mammogram was performed at OLBH, a technologist will call you with screening mammogram results on the same day as the test. To pre-register or to schedule a mammogram at the OLBH Women’s Center, call (606) 836-PINK (7465). You can also schedule a mammogram online by clicking on the Schedule A Mammogram tab at left.

Gynecological Services

BSKHS offers gynecological services at Bellefonte Women's Care (2001 Winchester Ave. in downtown Ashland.) Bellefonte Women's Care is dedicated to better health for females in the Tri-State through complete women’s care. For appointments call (606) 324-7351

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