Human Motion Center

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When the discomfort of arthritic hips slow you down...when your knees can no longer take the grind...when years of hard work or play have caught up with your shoulders, the stiffness and pain can become more than one can tolerate. Fortunately, you don't have to.  

OLBH's Human Motion Center offers a full-continuum of care to those with orthopedic issues, including a world-class rehabilitation center - the Human Motion Vitality Center - and expert rehab staff to complement the hospital's team of orthopedic surgeons.

Just as your muscles, bones, tendons and joints all intertwine to complete your musculoskeletal system, a complete orthopedic program consists of various complementary parts to create the whole.

For additional information concerning Human Motion, contact the OLBH CareLine at (606) 833-CARE (2273) or via email.


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