Bon Secours uses the most advanced technology to provide leading-edge, personalized care to all surgical patients.

Our team of highly skilled surgeons, together with an outstanding surgical-nursing and support staff, possess the specialized knowledge and experience necessary for your diagnosis, treatment and postoperative care. Using laparoscopic and robotic-assisted techniques, Bon Secours is leading the way in minimally invasive procedures, resulting in less pain, fewer incisions and shorter hospital stays, while providing state-of-the-art, compassionate care to our patients. 

Among the procedures our expert surgeons assist patients with everyday are:

Appendix Surgery  
Appendectomy is the common surgical procedure where the appendix is removed after it has become inflamed and swollen—an infection called appendicitis. If left untreated, appendicitis can cause the appendix to burst, releasing infectious materials into the abdominal cavity that can be life threatening. It is important to have an infected appendix removed as soon as possible.

Hernia Surgery and Repairs
When an organ or another internal structure protrudes through a weakened portion of muscle or tissue, that condition is known as a hernia. Some hernias have no symptoms and do not even need treatment, while others can be very painful and require immediate medical attention.

Gall Bladder Surgery
Cholecystectomy is the surgical procedure where the gallbladder is removed to treat gallstones—small stones that form from bile buildup—that have caused the gallbladder to be infected (also known as cholecystitis). Gallstones can be life threatening if they escape the gallbladder’s duct or if they cause cholecystitis which can cause the gallbladder to rupture.