Workplace Health & Employer Wellness

Workplace Health 

Controlling on-the-job injury and illness can be a complex problem for employers. The OLBH WorkPlace Health occupational medicine program can help your company with medical services and treatment for injured workers while also managing worker's compensation claims.

Your employees will receive prompt medical attention following a work-related accident at one of Bon Secours Kentucky Health System’s Bellefonte Primary Care locations. Emphasis is placed on providing the worker a continuity of quality care to promote recovery and an early return to productive work. Your company will be kept informed of all aspects of treatment including needed follow-up care and/or industrial rehabilitation. 

WorkPlace Health also assists the corporate community in the reduction of work-related medical expenses. The system provides employee education and testing to meet federal Occupational Safety and Health guidelines. In addition, the program's safety officers are available to conduct ergonomic and workplace evaluations to help identify problem work sites and can advise the appropriate corrective measures.

Additional corporate health services also are available including pre-employment drug screenings, employee physicals, first aid training, CPR instruction and certification and the OLBH Employer Wellness program (see below). On-site drug screenings and physicals are available by appointment.

For more information about Workplace Health services provided by OLBH, call (606) 833-4661.

Employer Wellness

At OLBH, we provide superior, compassionate healthcare to every patient who enters the doors of one of our facilities. But what about the individual who is not yet a patient? OLBH is hard at work ensuring the health of that person too.

A healthy workforce is an effective workforce. Investing in preventive health practices such as screenings, immunizations, health risk assessments and education reduces sick time and increases productivity. With the Employer Wellness program, OLBH is working with area schools, businesses and municipalities to help their students/employees/citizens live longer, healthier lives.

OLBH’s corporate health specialist works with area businesses and organizations to identify health risks amongst their employees and helps

Promotion of living a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a healthy diet
Teaching individuals to understand their current health status and risks
Help program members obtain optimal weight and manage blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
Work with an individual’s primary care doctor to manage health and reduce cardiovascular, cancer and other chronic disease risks
Receiving commitment from program participants to take charge of controllable risk factors such as the use of tobacco products and the abuse of alcohol and other substances
Seek ways to help employees reduce stress.

OLBH’s Employer Wellness program can create lasting change that will improve the health of the region. Having your organization join the program connects you not just with the Bon Secours Kentucky Health System, but with a community of people who want to come together and affect positive change at places of both work and play. Call our Corporate Health Specialist at (606) 833-6746 to learn how to become involved.