Honoring Our Veterans: Brian Ringgold and Pam Champigny

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Brian and Pam

With Veterans Day coming up, it is a perfect time to celebrate our associates who have served in the military. At Bon Secours, we are so proud of our veteran employees who exemplify our mission, vision and values in the work they do every day.

Meet Brian Ringgold and Pam Champigny, both from the Richmond, VA area.

Brian Ringgold

Brian Ringgold joined the U.S. Navy to be in medicine after talking with a Vietnam veteran who was a corpsman. Brian had been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for four years and wanted to continue in the medical field after college. However, he didn’t feel becoming a nurse or a doctor was right for him at that time. 

“Ironically, after the Navy, I did become an RN,” says Brian.

Most of his naval career from 1994 to 2002 was spent with the Infantry Marines. Being a part of that elite group was the highlight of his career.

“I learned what it was really like to serve my country during this time. Long deployments away from home, caring for the injured, and the discipline is what I still carry with me,” Brian says. “The training I received also prepared me for continuing medical career as a nurse.” 

Brian now serves as the supervisor for ConnectCare and CarePATH for Epic’s Honor Roll and Gold Stars programs. He works in Richmond, VA and serves all of Bon Secours Mercy Health.            

“What carried over for me from my military service is a sense of pride, dedication to work, the willingness to serve others and care for the sick and injured,” he says.

Pam Champigny

The reason Pam Champigny enlisted in the U.S. Navy was twofold. The first reason was to protect and serve her country.

“The second reason was because my father was in the U.S. Navy as well as my brother and uncles,” she says. “I loved the close-knit family that the military creates, especially when the military member is deployed.” 

Pam served for four years active duty in Portsmouth, VA at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. As an E4 Hospital Corpsman, she worked on post-partum as well as labor and delivery units.

“I feel that my time in the military and growing up with a military parent gave me the grounding to grow and helped me be the person I am today,” says Pam.

Today, Pam is a PeriAnesthesia Nurse Director at Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian, VA.  

“I feel the values of Bon Secours -- human dignity, integrity, compassion, stewardship and service -- embody all of the values that influenced me in joining the U.S. Navy, as well as my St. Francis Medical Center family,” Pam reveals.

Pam’s most memorable moment in her military career was when she trained with the U.S. Marine Corps teams during trauma drills.

“I utilized my training that I gained as a hospital corpsman to prepare myself to care for anyone during a national tragedy, etc.,” she says. “After getting out of the military, I went back to receive my nursing degree. I continue to serve my community by giving back to those that are in need.”

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