#NotJustaNurse: Mark Gregg

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mark Gregg, BSN, RN, Bon Secours Health System

At Bon Secours, nurses are not just nurses. They are advocates. They are your friends, neighbors, and relatives. They are dedicated, kind, tender, sincere, and sympathetic. We’ve highlighted some of our nurses in this series of blog posts, to show that they are #NotJustANurse.

Mark had always had the idea of being a nurse in the back of his head. After college he worked for a trucking company doing logistics and occasionally driving the trucks. Unhappy in his career, he joined a volunteer rescue squad to make sure he could handle working in health care. He applied to the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing to get his nursing degree on a day when he was driving a delivery truck. Mark says “I will never forget this day. I drove up to the campus, backed my tractor trailer in the parking lot, hopped out of my truck and was approached by the dean.  She kindly informed me that I might be in the wrong place. I smiled and said that I was actually here to apply for nursing school.  I handed her my packet and will never forget the look on her face.”

During nursing school Mark worked part-time as an emergency room tech at Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital, so working at Bon Secours after nursing school was a natural development. Mark has been a nurse in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital since his graduation in 2011.

Besides his history with Bon Secours, Mark appreciates his “work family” at the hospital, and the benefits that Bon Secours provides flexible scheduling with (PRN, part-time, and full-time), education reimbursement, and competitive pay.

Mark says that “I arrive to work looking forward to being here with a smile and leave work with a huge smile,” and that he gets satisfaction in helping someone in their time of need every shift. “Nurses have one of the most important roles in patient care. Nurses are in management, and make important decisions for safe patient care.  Nurses are on the front lines battling sickness and diseases with patients and their families.  Nurses do way more than moving bed pans, baths, linen changes, and retrieving warm blankets, but nurses should never be above doing such things.”   

To find out more information on how you can become part of the Bon Secours family as a nurse visit Careers at Bon Secours.