Clinic Consortium

The Clinic Consortium

Working collaboratively with area Free Clinics, Bon Secours has created a network to provide care for the uninsured and improved coordination amongst healthcare providers.

Support provided to Free Clinics includes:

  • Salary support for physicians
  • Salary support for nurse practitioners
  • Salary support for medical directorships
  • Lab services for free clinic patients
  • Medication delivery from the Community Pharmacy to area Free Clinics
  • Programmatic Support
  • Operating Funds
  • Funding for respite care for the homeless
  • In-kind outpatient services
  • In-kind inpatient services
  • Physician volunteers
  • Nurse volunteers
  • Spanish lessons

Bon Secours Richmond Health System provides financial and in-kind support to these organizations but does not support programs that are inconsistent with its Catholic identity.