Partnership Requests

Thank you for considering a partnership with the Bon Secours Richmond Health System. We recognize the factors driving health outcomes extend well beyond the scope of traditional health care services. Given this, we are interested in developing relationships with a diverse set of community partners who have the skills to enhance individual and community health. Through such partnerships, our intention is to work with organizations to co-create a healthy community.   

For Bon Secours Richmond Health System, a partnership is much deeper than a transaction or monetary exchange. We view partnerships as a shared agreement in which partners work in a coordinated and collaborative way to address a community need that no single organization can sufficiently address. In so doing, we create the conditions for sustainable impact and community health. We believe that any partnership must be grounded in shared interests and risks, and that the partnership be directed to advancing the well-being of the community in ways that respect the voice, diversity and demonstrable needs of the community. 

Strategic Quality Plan

These partnerships will be grounded in, and in alignment with, the Bon Secours Health System, Inc., 2016-2018 Strategic Quality Plan. This Strategic Quality Plan is a direct outgrowth and expression of the ministerial experience of the Sisters of Bon Secours and the Bon Secours Health System. The plan is an expression of the voice of the many stakeholders as well as the communities in which we serve. 

Before completing your application for community support, event sponsorship, board service or civic association membership, we ask that you review the goals of our Strategic Quality Plan as well as our decision-making preferences and priorities and give them due consideration. You can review the Strategic Quality Plan here.


Decisions we make as they relate to community partnerships will be tied explicitly to these goals as well as the multiple ways in which we express our identity in the community. Through our partnerships with community organizations and residents, we will clearly establish and define our presence in the community as:

  • An advocate for social justice
  • A beneficiary of philanthropy
  • An engaged corporate citizen
  • A faith-based health ministry
  • A holistic caregiver
  • A just employer
  • A sustainable, nonprofit business
  • Preferences and Priorities:

In making our decisions, we rely on a set of preferences and priorities. Your proposal will be evaluated in the context of these preferences and priorities detailed here. 

Application Requests

Through this website, you can apply for the following partnerships:

1.  Community Benefit Investments or Event Sponsorship Requests

  • Improve health indicators as detailed in the Community Health Needs Assessment, which can be found at
  • Enhance community and neighborhood livability.
  • Leverage resources with other local, regional and national organizations to increase the scale of impact and the effectiveness of outcomes.
  • Address the social determinants of health through innovative collaborations.
  • Sponsorship Applications should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the event date.

2.  Board of Directors Service Requests

  • Request Bon Secours Richmond Health System leaders to serve on your board. 

3.  Civic Organization Membership Requests

  • Request that Bon Secours Richmond Health System consider joining your dues-paying, civic organization, e.g., Chamber of Commerce. 

The portal is open for:

  • Sponsorship/Event Applications
  • Board of Directors Service Requests
  • Civic Organization Membership Requests

Please see the attached letter for information regarding Bon Secours Community Benefit Investments for programs and projects.

If you have any questions please email us at –