New Therapy Options

Richmond Hope Therapy Center (RTHC) provides innovative and traditional physical therapy options for children and young adults with cerebral palsy (CP) and other disorders or conditions. With a focus on intensive physical therapy, we address a wide variety of specific needs with a combination of tools and motivate patients to achieve their goals. Our programs include:

  • Intensive Therapy Programs
  • TheraSuit Method
  • Traditional Physical Therapy

Intensive Therapy
Using the TheraSuit Method of intensive therapy, children receive 3-4 hours of therapy a day, 5 days a week, for 3 consecutive weeks. We provide tailor-made plans that address the specific needs of our young patients. With a combination of traditional tools and innovative tools like TheraSuit Therapy and the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU), our focus is on preparing the patient, stretching, targeted strength training and functional activities. With consecutive days in therapy, we capitalize on yesterday’s gains for today’s performance, and progress comes quickly for most children.

There are two main functions of the UEU: "monkey cage" and "spider cage"

  • The "monkey cage" is a unique device that utilizes a system of pulleys to isolate muscle groups and allow for strengthening without compensation from other muscle groups.
  • The "spider cage" is a system of bungee cords which allows each individual to experience more independent movements: weight shifting, and assisted movements such as sit to stand, quadruped, squats and even jumping.

In the UEU, the therapist guides the child through exercises to strengthen muscles and allow him or her to experience precise and controlled movements.

Suit Therapy
The TheraSuit is an innovative tool that increases proprioceptive input, or body awareness, and assists with body alignment to help patients strengthen their muscles to maintain a more desired position. With repetition of precise movements, the central nervous system pathways are retrained and new patterns of movement develop. The suit, when used in conjunction with intensive therapy, accelerates progress so that patients are able to develop and follow the correct movement patterns in everyday activities.

Traditional Physical Therapy
We provide traditional outpatient therapy and use tools such as weights, bolsters, benches and treadmills. Children who have delays in gross motor development often benefit from physical therapy on a regular basis. We focus on strengthening activities, balance activities, gait training, functional activities, and stretching programs as appropriate for each patient