Frequently Asked Questions

What denotes a complete application?
A complete application includes the following: medical school transcript, dean’s letter and three letters of recommendation, USMLE transcript, ECFMG certificate (if applicable) and a personal statement.

How do I submit my application?
We accept applications through the ERAS system only.

When is the application deadline?
January 31st

Do you have a minimum required USMLE score?
Our Review Committee looks at each application individually, therefore, there is no minimum required score.

Which date will you be conducting interviews this season?
We conduct interviews Tuesday through Friday, beginning November 1st and ending on January 31st. However, we are flexible and will do our best to accommodate your needs

We provide a complimentary one-night stay at a hotel adjacent to our facility. We also host a dinner for candidates, their families and significant others the evening prior to their interview.

International Medical Graduates:

Does your program require previous U.S. clinical experience?
You must have six months of "hands-on" clinical experience in the United States.

Does your program have a medical school graduation cut-off date?
There is no minimum/maximum number of years from medical school graduation date requirement.

What are the visa options for the program?
We do not sponsor any type of visa.

ECFMG certification applicants must be ECFMG certified before beginning residency.