Especially for Partners

A cancer diagnosis affects not only the person with the disease, but also the patient’s family. The most direct impact of the disease will be on the patient’s partner. With cancer in the family, family roles, finances and relationships change. While there are often many resources available to the patient, there are fewer resources available to the partner of the patient to deal with the many changes that are occurring. We at Bon Secours Cancer Institute understand the effects of cancer on our patient’s families and provide the resources to support you through your journey.

Onoclogy Nurse Navigators at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center are the first line of help as you begin your cancer journey. Navigators can provide books, pamphlets and brochures specifically designed to answer your questions about the challenges faced by partners. Navigators can also assist you in understanding the common problems that families face during this stressful time.

At St. Mary’s Hospital, a Patient Advocate works closely with the Oncology Nurse Navigator. The Patient Advocate is someone who is not a medical professional, but rather someone who has experienced cancer with their partner. This advocate can relate to the many challenges of being in this supportive role.

Also at St. Mary’s Hospital, a social worker is available to assist you. A licensed clinical social worker is a medical professional who can provide help with issues related to finances, insurance and disability, and someone who can provide ongoing counseling to support coping with the stress that cancer causes in family relationships.

Finally, an Online Support Group for partners who have become caregivers for brain tumor patients is also available. You may access this online support group at