The Best Birthday Present Ever!

On July 18, Jerome came to Bon Secours St. Francis expecting to receive treatment for what he thought was a case of stomach cramps. On August 23, he was released from St. Mary’s. The way Jerome sees it, what happened in between is nothing short of a miracle.

“God wasn’t ready for me yet,” says Jerome. “That’s why He put all of these wonderful people in my path.”

It turned out Jerome’s stomach cramps weren’t just stomach cramps. They were the result of a hereditary heart condition that was rapidly getting worse. With his heart pumping at only 10 percent, the prognosis wasn’t good, and a priest was preparing to give Jerome his last rites. But Dr. Zeevi, a cardiologist at St. Francis, was able to stabilize his condition and get him strong enough for a transfer to St. Mary’s, where a specific type of surgery was available.

A couple of weeks later, Jerome got the best birthday present he could ever receive. He learned that he was an excellent candidate for an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) implant and underwent surgery that gave him a new lease on life.