How Can I Help?


End of life care is important work, and Bon Secours strives to offer the best hospice services possible. To continue doing so, we rely on the generosity of others. Bon Secours Hospice began almost 30 years ago thanks to the generosity of Amy and Charles Millhiser. Today, the Amy and Charles Millhiser Hospice Memorial Fund continues this philanthropic tradition with support from people and institutions across Central Virginia.

We are grateful to all the individuals and organizations that contribute to Bon Secours Hospice, and would welcome your assistance as well. To make a gift to Bon Secours Hospice, click here or call (804) 287-7309.


Hospice volunteers play an important role in helping caregivers assist loved ones with life-limiting conditions. Volunteers provide aid, companionship and a sympathetic ear. They also can prove invaluable by augmenting the support of friends and family or filling a gap when neither friends nor family are close. Besides directly aiding patients and families, volunteers also participate in Bon Secours hospice with community outreach, education and office duties. They also help with special events and serve as speakers and educators.

No experience is needed as Bon Secours Hospice offers volunteer training. To learn more, call (804) 627-5360.

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